Why TBG:Engage?

When you choose TBG:Engage for your campaign, you have an experienced team of mature agents with proven delivery experience. The TBG:Engage culture is addictive and the team have a friendly, positive, professional manner. They take pride in their work and the brands that they represent and will go the extra mile to ensure that you are represented with the integrity you deserve.

To ensure that we develop our team and deliver with the highest of standards we operate a rule of 1 Team Leader for every 4 agents. This ensures that we have a keen eye for quality whilst having the time to upskill and develop our team. You will be allocated a dedicated Account Manager who will be responsible for the day to day communication between yourself and the operational team.

We operate a Plan-Do-Check-Act culture to ensure that there is continual improvement in the delivery of our services. Compliance is key to the success of this culture and we operate a rigorous internal auditing regime. All calls are recorded and a sample reviewed for every campaign on an ongoing basis with the highest quality being benchmarked at all times

Culture and Governance, Clear Communication, Performance and Standards are key principles from the TCF standard that is at the heart of everything that TBG:Engage delivers. This aligns our culture well with the finance industry and other regulated industries.

Our operation is open from 8am to 8pm, 6 days per week and can be fully resourced for your requirement, no matter how big or small. We are located in a modern office suite with brand new up to date technology and secured internet connection. We have a resilient DR Plan and operate a proven Work From Home model that offers flexibility and scaling while also given access to a wider talent pool.

When it comes to client engagements, we operate an open book policy. We offer our clients a dashboard that keeps you in touch with all up to the minute activity and statistics regarding the delivery of your campaign. To supplement this, we implement regular reporting and frequent reviews with our clients on all aspect of their campaigns.