Our offices are conveniently situated in central Swindon in with easy access for staff and clients from the train station. Our offices, which is manned 24/7 and supported by 24/7 CCTV, has secured building access with Keycard scan for entry with additional coded entry for each campaign suite.

We use brand new, up-to-date technology which is backed up by a reliable, resilient internet connection. Our office lay out divides the teams into groups of 4/5 working desks to each pod providing a spacious, professional and secure working environment. Every pod includes 4 agents and 1 senior who overseas the day to day management, coaching and development of the team pod.


Our CRM allows us to fully customise the set-up on a campaign-by-campaign basis. As each campaign database can be configured separately, each one can be made to be exactly what is needed for that requirement. i.e. data fields being utilised, individual result/response codes. Basic script can be added or decision driven script – If ‘Yes’ show this, If ‘No’ show that

We use desktop integrator software for the phone system and configure this for click to dial or auto-dialing function.

Call Recording
Our telephony platform allows for call recording to be easily enabled on a handset by handset basis. Call recordings are stored securely in the cloud for a 6 month period and only accessible by permitted users who can listen to and download the calls. Depending on a client’s compliance process, calls can be downloaded and call batches can be uploaded as password protected ZIP files to an FTP location/secure area.

Call Quality
During campaign set-up/training we will look to review a minimum of one call recording per agent per day and then on-going we will review a minimum of two call recordings per agent per week. Should any sampled call fall below the agreed standard a larger sample will be taken from the individual for review. Any corrective measures or training will be implemented and recorded.

Appointment setting and confirmation
Assuming that TBG:E will be booking appointments into an open calendar, if we have the individuals email address, we would look to send out an email confirmation of the appointment, alternatively if we have a mobile number for the individual we could send a SMS confirming the appointment details.


Data Protection
All necessary steps are taken to safeguard data – all client data is stored on our CRM platform in individually siloed databases on a per campaign basis with handling/processing of the data being carried out only by authorised staff in accordance with TBG:Engage’s procedures and data policies and follows data privacy and GDPR compliance requirements.

User access is locked down to IP address, password protected and restricted to named users with tiered permission-based access enabling us to restrict actions and only display data on a ‘need to know’ basis for them to be able to carry out their job. As an extra layer of protection Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is enabled for user access to further secure user credentials and access to the data and data processing system environment.

All data is secured to a minimum level of TLS1.2 SHA-256 RSA encryption and is stored/hosted on servers that are based within data-centre’s located within the EU and are ISO 27001 certified. Access to the systems is via secure connections only, there is no remote access possible to the databases themselves.

Physical Security

Should it be required team of agents for a specific client or campaign can be based in their own enclosed secure office. We also have the facility internally to fully screen agents to FCA standards including full history referencing, ID checking and Credit Checking.


TBG:Engage periodically audits and reviews its business functions, procedures and policies regarding data security, privacy and compliance; including:

  • Staff data protection training and awareness;
  • Security of personal data;
  • Information sharing;
  • Records management
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments

All Cloud-based and SaaS providers are audited and assessed before TBG:Engage starts working with them to ensure that they have recognised security standards, operational resilience, defined SLAs/KPIs and that they comply with regulatory and legal requirements.

Data Retention
Client data is only kept for as long as necessary for the purpose for which it is processed and when it is no longer required, it shall be deleted/destroyed from TBG:Engage’s systems. It may be necessary to TBG:Engage to retain/provide access a limited set of historic data which a part of an agreed specific contractual obligation or by regulatory requirement, in this event the data will be secured access provided for the specific agreed purpose and individuals and all people identifiable information will have been removed from the data.

All calls that are handled through TBG:Engage for the purpose of client calling campaigns are recorded and are automatically deleted after a period of 6-months.