Andrew Careswell

With an early background in Recruitment Andrews skills and experience lay largely in Business Strategy and Operations Management. He is a believer in creating process dependent business’s and the practice of this has enabled him to grow his business interests over the years.

After performing an MBO with the recruitment agency he had worked in for the previous 6 years in 2008, he quickly applied these practices while increasing the service offering of the business. This lead to the re-assigning of some of these functions to creation of a start-up business offering screening services to private landlords and letting agencies.

In 2012 Andrew purchased a B2B telemarketing agency and quickly applied the same methodology into the business model. This allowed for corporate sector specialisation and the creation of a sub-brand offering comparable services to all industry SME’s. This lead to the launching of TBG:Essentials offering a 360 marketing packages for SME’s and TBG:Enterprise focussed on the delivery of sales pipeline management to corporate clients.

2019 saw the creation of TBG:Engage delivering a highly compliant B2C offering focussing on the mortgage, protection and wealth management industries.

Lee Marner

Lee is a highly experienced business leader who is a creative thinker and a complex problem solver. He has demonstrable experience with individual Senior Commercial hire(s), Overseas recruitment, as well as project-based Recruitment in Europe. He has provided Blue Chip / FTSE 100 clients with Volume Commercial staff solutions, all over the UK.

Lee has been working on refining the TBG:Engage’s client offering, giving customer centric businesses within the UK the opportunity to refine their customer engagement delivery; ultimately increasing the quality around the customer journey/experience thus benefiting the client and its Stakeholders.